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Safety rules for circular blades
Time date:2016-12-19 11:11
Source:Shanghai Zhengli Blades

1, the machine should have someone responsible for the use and custody, the operator must understand the structure and function of machine tools.


2, round blade edge should be kept sharp, blade blunt or damaged, should be timely repair or replacement.


3, more than manipulation should be hand guidance, with coordination.


4, for the sake of safety, forbidden to cut two different materials and specifications of the material, nor multi-layer overlap shear.


5, when the feed is prohibited hand to stay in the sheet metal and the table between the manipulation. Cut short material should be used to suppress the other iron, cut material when the fingers leave the blade at least 200 mm and above.


6, with the pry holding the line, you should immediately pull out of the pry out before cutting, such as iron have to move around, the application of wood pillow plug in order to avoid the pressure will be prying his hand after the pop-up wounding.


7 , cut the workpiece must be placed smooth, do not stack too high, more than expected corners and waste to clean up in time to keep the site neat.

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