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Circular blade how to reduce cold welding wear
Time date:2016-12-02 08:51
Source:Shanghai Zhengli Blades

Cuts, chips, between the work piece and the front and rear face, there is a lot of pressure and strong friction and cold welding can occur between them. Due to the relative motion between the friction surfaces, cold welding knots will produce the rupture was taken by party, resulting in cold welding and wear.


In General, the hardness of the workpiece or cutting tool material hardness is low, cold welding of the rupture occurs in the workpiece or cutting chips. However, due to the alternating capacity, contact fatigue, heat stress and tool surface structure defects cause, cold welding of the rupture or on the tools side, chip or workpiece material particles are taken away, resulting in tool wear.


Cold welding and wear more serious at medium-low cutting speed. Research shows that brittle metal is strong resistance to cold welding of plastic metal; the same type of metal or crystal lattice, the lattice spacing, electronic density and electrochemical properties of cold welding of metals of similar small metal cold welding small compounds than single-phase Solid solution; b element in the periodic table of the chemical elements than iron cold welding of small.


In high speed steel cutting tools working speed and carbide tool low working speed, cold welding can meet the conditions so cold when worn as a large proportion of. The cutting speed, cold welding and wear reduce the cemented carbide tools.

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