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How to reduce the abrasive wear of circular blade
Time date:2016-11-26 15:51
Source:Shanghai Zhengli Blades

Chip, the hardness of workpiece hardness is lower than the tool, but they often contain some very small hard particles with high hardness, can characterize grooves on the surface of the cutter, which is abrasive. Carbide hard particles (like Fe3C, TiC, VC), nitrides (such as TiN, Si3N4), oxides (SiO2, Al2O3) and intermetallic compounds. Cutting in the Ti (n, c) particles in the tool up the plough. In addition to the rake face of abrasive wear phenomena, on the flank, can also be found in produced by the abrasive wear of grooves. Abrasive wear under various cutting speeds are present, but for low speed cutting tools (such as broaches, pulling teeth, etc), abrasive wear is the main reason. This is because during low speed cutting, cutting temperature low, other reasons is not significantly worn, and thus is not major. Hardness and wear resistance of high speed steel cutting tools than carbide, ceramics and, therefore, a larger proportion of their abrasive wear.

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