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Heat treatment process technology circular blades
Time date:2016-08-27 10:39

Circular blades are usually made from high quality steel production and processing, now circular blades used in all walks of life, the use of very common. However, the circular blades really easy addition to choosing how steel materials, heat treatment is one of the most critical factor.

When the circular blades forged good After a roughing lathe, heat treatment will be carried out. circular blades is commonly used heat treatment salt bath heat treatment and vacuum heat treatment, either heat treatment using different temperatures to be selected depending on the materials. for example, the organization of some materials can release up to 800 degrees maximum hardness, and some reached 11 degrees to release the highest hardness.

When the circular blades material selection of heat treatment hardness to its highest tempering, no matter what material the blade after at least 2-3 times to reach full delivery performance to temper the blade, if the tempering fewer blades will cause uneven distribution in the tissue causing the blade not used. tempered by two or three times after circular blades in a room for the air cooling, so circular blades heat treatment is complete.

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