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Circular blades plating process - zinc, chromium, titanium distinction
Time date:2016-08-27 10:18

Slitting Circular blades commonly used material for the high-speed steel and tool steel, used in the food industry in some circular blades need to be able rust, apparently these two materials can not reach the food industry needs a knife. Stainless steel circular blades because of low hardness, poor wear resistance is not suitable for use in the food industry tool. Thus, the plating process to high-speed steel circular blades and die steel circular blades thus produced - zinc, chromium and titanium.

As the metal plating, although there are three features rust plated metal elements, but the characteristics and prices vary widely. let's talk about galvanized circular blades, galvanized blade color is ugly, but these three elements electroplating galvanized anti-rust the strongest, if the coating cracking or defective, because the electrical effect of zinc is also to a large extent prevent the metal from rusting. the disadvantage is the low hardness of zinc, not suitable for the partial circular blades rub Qiemo job galvanizing three plating lowest price.

Chromed circular blades surface appears bright white, good rust resistance, wear resistance are the three best in the plating. chromed circular blades disadvantage is that once the Chromed layer cracking or defective, because the electrical effect of chromium makes it easier occurrence of cracks at the rust.

Titanium circular blades surface is very nice, after the oxidation process exhibits very beautiful golden yellow, the hardness is also better than the chrome lower abrasion resistance. the disadvantage is the high cost of titanium circular blades is relatively small, single-axis machine tool in the shredder blade titanium more, but is often used as single shaft shredders blades for export.

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