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How Circular Blades Reduce Oxidized
When the cutting temperature of 700 ~ 800 ℃, the oxygen in the air and carbide in the cobalt and tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and other oxidation, resulting in relatively soft oxides (such as Co3.......Read More..
Safety rules for circular blades
1, the machine should have someone responsible for the use and custody, the operator must understand the structure and function of machine tools. 2, round blade edge should be kept sharp, blade blunt or .......Read More..
Circular blade how to reduce cold welding wear
Cuts, chips, between the work piece and the front and rear face, there is a lot of pressure and strong friction and cold welding can occur between them. Due to the relative motion between the friction su.......Read More..
How to reduce the abrasive wear of circular blade
Chip, the hardness of workpiece hardness is lower than the tool, but they often contain some very small hard particles with high hardness, can characterize grooves on the surface of the cutter, which is .......Read More..
The use circular blade
Slitter blade circular blade is mainly used for paper, film, gold, silver foil, aluminum foil, copper foil, tapes and other items of the cut, the blade cut the minimum resistance, the largest wear resist.......Read More..
Circular blade how to fix?
General we processing circular blade, and is has specifically of open edged machine of, to circular blade can concentric, have first with outside round mill put edge all mill flat, then again open edged,.......Read More..
Heat treatment process technology circular blades
Circular blades are usually made from high quality steel production and processing, now circular blades used in all walks of life, the use of very common. However, the circular blades really easy additio.......Read More..
Circular blades plating process - zinc, chromium, titanium distinction
Slitting Circular blades commonly used material for the high-speed steel and tool steel, used in the food industry in some circular blades need to be able rust, apparently these two materials can not rea.......Read More..
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