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Circular blades


Circular blades is one of the most commonly used in industrial production, generally used for industrial machinery equipment, the main role is cutting, trimming etc. usually the middle of the hole, so that it can be fixed to the machinery equipment to achieve the cutting function. circular blades edge has two kinds of toothed and flat, wherein toothed include flat teeth, sharp teeth, irregular toothed. the blades edge are generally three types: single-sided, double-sided and not the blade.

Circular blades is most commonly used in industrial processing blade can be used for: food, plastics, leather, metal, textile fabrics, non-woven fabrics, paper, printing, carpentry, electronics and other industries. industrial machinery and equipment can be used: slitting machine, trimming machine, slotting machine, cutting strip machine, cutting machine, roll cutting machine, pulverizer machine, shearing machine.

The circular blades is widely used in different industries demand for round inserts are also different. the metal industry circular blades will need more robust, wear-resistant, circular blades general metal industry is the use of special steel production, such as: high-speed steel, tool steel and so on. but the food industry is different, it does not require the hardness of how high the blade, but it must prevent rust, usually made of stainless steel production, if required hardness, may also need to add a coating. but no matter what the steel, we will choose the best plants for production, our long-term cooperation with China's Shougang and Anshan Iron and Steel, the steel used in all organized, uniform and without flaw.

Circular blades performance is superior than the various physical material in addition to the decision, Processing is particularly. We factory circular blades main processing process: high temperature forging(large air hammer forging, effectively increase the density, eliminate impurities), annealing(slow cooling heat treatment, eliminate tissue defects, reduce the residual stress), CNC machining, quenching(hardening agent rapid cooling, increase strength and hardness), tempering(temperature dipped into the home for some time to improve the toughness and flexibility), coarse grinding, the second tempering(Eliminate stress, improve toughness), grinding, polishing. also according to the needs of different industries, will increase the part of the process, adding a certain kind of physical properties of the circular blades.

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