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Circular slitting knives,Slitting small circular cutter,circular knife cutting blades,Disc cutter blade
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Circular slitting knives,Slitting small circular cutter,circular knife cutting blades,Disc cutter blade


TAG:Circular slitting knives,Slitting small circular cutter,circular knife cutting blades,Disc cutter blade

Applicable machines:paper, paper products processing, adhesive tape products, films, wire and cable, rubber, aluminum, chemical fiber, non-manufacturing cloth, composite packaging materials, telecommunications appliances, cigarettes, leather, printing, food and clothing.




Circular blades is one of the most commonly used in industrial production, generally used for industrial machinery equipment, the main role is cutting, trimming etc. usually the middle of the hole, so that it can be fixed to the machinery equipment to achieve the cutting function. circular blades edge has two kinds of toothed and flat, wherein toothed include flat teeth, sharp teeth, irregular toothed. the blades edge are generally three types: single-sided, double-sided and not the blade.



Slitting machine, trimming machine, slotting machine, cutting strip machine, cutting machine, roll cutting machine, pulverizer machine, shearing machine.



Our factory has been engaged in the production of industrial blades 20 years, Disc cutter blade has been our main product, one of the largest export volume. over the years we have repeatedly Optimization Disc cutter blade, made a number of utility model patents, in addition, we according to the needs of a variety of machinery and equipment industry, and its use of Disc cutter blade depth optimization, effectively extending our factory Disc cutter blade life. our factory also research and innovation with the latest Disc cutter blade coating technology, Disc cutter blade can be chrome, zinc, titanium, etc., can effectively improve the wear resistance and service life of the blade.



We accept all kinds of non-standard custom Disc cutter blade, please describe in detail the demand or to provide the necessary Disc cutter blade drawings, our experienced engineers will help you according to your needs select raw materials and production process to ensure that you are satisfied with the production transfer of products, such products can not be used, we will be free to re-create.



1, When not in use Disc cutter blade, the blade will need to vertically hung on the drying rack, Disc cutter blade can not be flat, flat Disc cutter blade can cause distortion.

2, Superhard sharp serrated Disc cutter blade, prohibit the collision, fall to the ground, it must be handled with care.

3, The operation must take protective cover, work gloves, helmets, safety shoes, protective glasses.

4, Before installing Disc cutter blade, saw table must first confirm the performance, use, ensure consistent cutting direction of the saw blade Circular rotary direction indicated by an arrow. Installation is prohibited in the opposite direction, wrong direction might cause loss serrated blade, to prevent accidents.

5, InstallDisc cutter blade, Disc cutter blade must first check whether there is a split, distorted, fill level, after the fall of teeth and so on, then install it.

6, When the installation is complete, you need to confirm the central hole Disc cutter blade is firmly fixed on the table of the saw flange gasket must be good washer; then gently push the hand confirm Disc cutter blade rotation is eccentric shaking.

7, When using, do not exceed the specified maximum speed.

8, Use preroll before: After put a new blade before use preroll a minute, let the saw table into working condition, can be cut.

9, The Disc cutter blade hardness is very important, sometimes you better material hardness will appear unreasonable blade chipping, soft mouth.

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